introducing… studio clement, i am so excited to be working with these talented ladies on my home renovations. below are the mood-boards studio clement put together from listening to my desires for my dream home and they nailed the brief! subscribe to my weekly newsletters and look out for my blog posts where i will be sharing with you updates on the renovations, brands i will be using, and products i have fallen in love with

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'Creating a home for yourself is the opportunity to really express who you are. We love getting to know our clients and helping them to translate their personal style into their homes. Our work is to understand their wants, desires and needs, all of which plays a role in the choices we make when designing. 

At the heart of every great design is a well thought out layout; this is always our starting point. We then create mood-boards for each space taking into consideration the architecture of the building and our clients wants and needs, then we layer on finishes. 

If you’re thinking about working with an interior designer our advice would be: Be bold, don’t be afraid and most of all have fun... our job is to do all the hard work behind the scenes for you.'

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