1. Can you tell us about your London home? How did you find it and what is the history behind it?

We live in an old converted school in Hackney, we were desperate for a space that had a lot of light, high ceilings and was open plan. It wasn’t quite this when we bought it but you could see it had potential and a year and half later we’ve almost finished the renovations! It’s a bright open space, with the kitchen at the heart of it. 

2. What is your design aesthetic and how have you introduced this into your home?

I’m always quite torn between aesthetics, I’m naturally drawn to that busy antique filled homely cottage vibe but in equal measure I love the very clean minimalist calm of a neutral palette which is what we went for in the end. It’s felt great to declutter, organise and create a home around the way we want to live. 

3. At Morpho + Luna we are all about authenticity and quality. What does this mean to you, in both your work and your home?

I think authenticity is what defines us and sets us apart from everyone else. For me working for myself has given me the chance to channel that authenticity and work to a standard that I set myself. Within our home it feels that all those small details and finishing’s make all the difference, we renovated the kitchen first off and did it to a very high spec which meant the rest of the space had to follow suit, it’s been a challenging process in many ways but ones that’s been creative and also a huge opportunity to learn a whole new skill set. Renovating has been hugely challenging but exciting in equal measure. 

 4. We also believe in an understated luxury that’s all in the details. For us this means special trims, laces, fabrics and embroidery. How does that fit with your aesthetic? What luxury ‘details’ do you use in cooking and entertaining?

I think it’s absolutely all about those personal touches, the finishes do indeed make all the difference. This was something we were acutely aware of when designing our kitchen. We chose Venetian plaster for the walls, wanting to add an extra layer of interest, chevron oak flooring, we worked with a bespoke kitchen makers Pluck London, creating a kitchen that works ergonomically and efficiently. We have incredible appliances from Miele that really do make all the difference when cooking (especially baking). Creating this kitchen has meant I have a space that encourages creativity and is a space to be shared and socialise in, but ultimately it feels like a space that works, from the positioning of plug sockets, lights , under-shelf lights, storage… it all makes the space come together. In terms of entertaining I think it’s always those personal touches that create that something extra special.


Morpho + Luna muse Q&A: Anna Barnett 

Anna Barnett began her career working for MTV and Channel 4. She then went on to work in fashion, as part of the team at House of Holland. Anna has always been passionate about food, writing a blog for the Independent newspaper for several years, and releasing her debut cookery book, ‘Eat the Week’ in 2015. 


She has since turned her passion for food into a hugely successful career as a food-blogger, chef and food writer, writing regular columns for Grazia and the Evening Standard and supplying recipes for Vogue, as well as running her own website,

We love Anna’s authenticity, gracefulness, and passion for what she does, and this is why she makes a perfect muse for us. We spent a day together to find out more about her creativity, her values and her unique style.


5. What are your tips for entertaining at home? What are your favourite things to cook and who do you like to cook for?

I love to cook hearty dishes, that are vibrant, varied and led by the seasons. Cooking for friends and family is always extra special as there’s no pressure but you always add that extra bit of love. I often cook homemade pasta, often meatfree dishes, as my husband is vegetarian and love to pack in as many fresh vegetables, herbs and spices as I can. 

I always say to people that preparation is key, think about your menu, plan it so that you have the bare minimum to do on the night. Choose dishes you can prep well in advance or the day before and will be better for it. The aim is always to be the host not the cook!

6. Tell us about your personal style – what do you like to wear and what inspires your look?

I like to ultimately be comfortable, I try and purchase key pieces that are quality staples or stand out styles. I try and be mindful to steer clear of fast fashion and veer more to buying those investment pieces. I’m really aware of over consuming so am definitely a more considered shopper these days. I have brands that I love and go back to; Mother of Pearl, Marni, Miu Miu, Ellery, Three Graces, House of Holland and Cos.