For instagrammers, social media addicts or for those who just enjoy an aesthetically pleasing place to feast in; Duddell’s should be firmly on your list. The 15th century church has received much modernisation; there are whitewashed walls aplenty and a glass balcony that offers a bird’s eye view of the bustling restaurant below. From here there’s many an opportunity for the all impressive overhead shot for your feed. It’s too high for a close up or a flat lay but high enough to take in the restaurant in its entirety and get that shot worth sharing!

The dark mahogany of its religious past offers some warmth and riches to the restaurant while also drawing inspiration from traditional 1960’s Hong Kong tea restaurants. The colour palette offers greens through glossy tiles that adorn the main bar and kitchen as well as brass, pale pinks and hues of blue to make this retro inspired space successfully bring together old and new. The juxtaposition is bold enough to be noticed but subtle enough to not outshine the menu.

The authentic and passionate approach to Cantonese cuisine was born out of its Michelin starred Hong Kong counterpart and I imagine a star is exactly what they’re after here too. Prices are mid to high so turning up famished may require you to dig deeper than you intended but a worthwhile dig it will be!

It’s not just the surroundings that you’ll be shooting with your camera. Every plate that arrives is beautifully presented, so much so it almost seems a shame to disrupt the plate. The vast selection of delicate, finely crafted dim sum on offer is essential to explore as is the Duddell’s peking duck, which comes with eight types of condiment no less! This was the dish that seemed to be gracing most tables, although unfortunately not ours as I lunch with the vegetarian husband. From a distance it’s absolutely evident I was missing out. I enviously watched order after order of duck be ceremoniously and expertly carved at various dining tables.


Crispy salted chicken, Duddell’s supreme lobster noodles and truffle roasted black cod with lily bulb and Nameko mushrooms in Chinese aged vinegar all look as pretty as a picture and come highly recommended by the staff. It’s the laborious traditional cooking methods and unique dishes that set this restaurant apart. Quality produce and attention to detail paired with unique twists on classic style dishes make the menu interesting and appetising. The vegetarian husband was also more than looked after with mock meat style dishes; vegetarian chicken with garlic shoot in porcini sauce and black pepper vegetarian chicken which felt far from an after thought.

Duddell’s is a visually beautiful restaurant in every respect with a menu to keep you coming back again and again. There you’ll find plenty of choice plus daily specials to work your way through so a different dining experience can be enjoyed each time. Come with friends to enjoy the space, and order as much as possible. You won’t regret it

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