Ahead of travelling to the giant metropolis that is Bangkok my initial concern is finding a hotel to retreat back to from the hustle and bustle. Somewhere that once I’m done exploring I’m happy to come back to swim and sip a cocktail or two before heading back out. I’m not the biggest fan of enormous sky-high hotels of which Bangkok has plenty so my search is already beginning to narrow. Planning a multi destination honeymoon also adds extra pressure to make each stopover as special as the one before where you’re in love with your surroundings as much as your newlywed.

The Cabochon is the answer to all of the criteria above and more. This is a beautiful designed and crafted boutique hotel. Every inch has been engineered to be in keeping with the overall rich colonial vibe. Decadent carerra marble sweeps across the floors and halfway up the walls with small interjections from black and white floor tiles. The hotel in places feels almost like a museum with artefacts mounted on walls and displayed in glass cases. This is definitely luxury with a personal touch; from the Louis Vuitton trunk used as part of the breakfast buffet to the gold bamboo cutlery. You can’t help but wish you could take a little or all of it home.

The bedrooms are equally pleasing with a crisp, clean aesthetic and the odd splash of black. Lemongrass oils burn in the dimly lit hallways and also in your bathroom. The pool which sits proudly on the roof of the building has the calm and serenity we’re after. Minimal in it’s design it runs the length of the building with just enough room for a dozen or so sun beds. The dining room is equally as pleasing, combining wood panelling along the walls with muted black wooden tables and chairs. A touch of tradition comes through in the chinaware sharing beautiful blue floral motifs along with the eye catching gold intricately designed cutlery. Every table set up is fit for a magazine shoot, as is every corner of the hotel.

Located in the trendy Thonglor district, The Cabochon is clearly aimed at those with a keen appreciation for design. It may lack the awe inspiring views of some of the city’s mega-hotels but it more than makes up for it by offering a unique and personal design led hotel experience.