BOTTega prosecco


Having been lucky enough to work with Bottega during their launch of Bottega Gold to the UK market; (I hosted and curated an Venetian inspired feast) I was hugely excited to take a trip not only to the vineyards where the grapes are grown but also to the winery where the real magic happens. We also were invited to spend a night in Venice pairing the Bottega prosecco and sparkling wines with incredible local food!

Located in Bibano di Godega, (45k north of Venice) the vineyards are proudly organic meaning any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are strictly prohibited. Not only do Bottega produce an incredible Prosecco; Bottega Gold which is grown in the hilly landscapes of the most expensive vineyards (it’s essentially a DOCG with only its opaque gold bottle prohibiting them from using this classification as the bottle too must adhere to strict guidelines) they also produce their own olive oil, balsamic, spirits, grappa and sparkling rose wines.

During the trip we got to see first-hand the vineyards where the grapes are handpicked and used to create the very highest quality Prosecco. We also sampled the complete Bottega sparkling wine and Prosecco collection numerous times alongside local delicacies which needless to say are completely delicious.
We also spent a night in Venice where we ate course after course of incredible Venetian seafood which couldn’t be a better pairing for the Bottega wines.


At the helm is Sandro Bottega, the most passionate, driven, high energy figure you can imagine. His drive to constantly create something new, unique and interesting is felt across much of what he does. Watch this space…there’s plenty more on the horizon.

If you fancy trying a bottle, which I would highly recommend, the Bottega Gold is my favourite and is sold in Selfridges, Ocado plus a heap of good independent stores.