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Rococo Chocolate


In amongst the plethora of high-end boutiques that makes up part of the picturesque Georgian Motcomb Street in Belgravia is Rococo’s flagship store and café. The store not only offers shelves upon shelves of chocolates and sweets (complete with the signature beautiful packaging synonymous with the brand) but also a range of chocolate making classes where tips and tricks of the trade are shared. Perhaps even more interestingly they have now begun to offer more unique and on trend (one might say) pairings. On this slightly drab winter’s morning I arrive to try out a gin and chocolate pairing. Now being someone that has always appreciated a good gin but without fully embracing the world of artisan gins, I was intrigued at how this would work especially as it was still scheduled at a time of day I’d usually be drinking my morning coffee. After a brief discussion about the quality of the chocolate, the process around making it and the time spent developing new, unique recipes and flavour combinations (a special nod must go to the Roald Dahl Collection, and in particular ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’, a white chocolate with aniseed and liquorice!) we begin the tasting. The chocolates arrive thick and fast and range from an incredible lavender dark chocolate, to a spiced and fruity slab and finally the white chocolate with aniseed. These distinctly individual tastes are expertly paired with gins that varied in flavour considerably and complemented each chocolate individually. The concept behind these bespoke pairings is to encourage people to enjoy chocolate in a less conventional way. I was convinced and could of passed many more an hour in this sweet spot!

I love the idea of getting people to take time to enjoy something in a new way. The staff members are clearly passionate about the product and rightly so! This is an absolute haven for chocolate aficionados or just anyone with a sweet tooth and an eye for aesthetic; the packaging itself is worth a purchase.