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NEW YEAR, NEW HEALTHIER YOU…The new year tends to bring with it the craving for a fresh and often healthier start after the overindulgence of the festive season. One of the things I’m hearing time and time again is that the gut is the second brain of the body. A healthy gut really can have huge affects on every element of your wellbeing from clearer skin, better energy and improved general mood. One of the supplements that I’ve been keen to try was probiotics as well charcoal to aid rebalancing and detoxifying of the gut. If this is of interest then have a read of the Q & A with founder 0f Just For Tummies, Linda Booth.
Q & A
Who are you and how would you describe what you do?My name is Linda Booth. I am a naturopathic colon hydrotherapist and the founder of the Just for Tummies range of probiotics and natural digestive health products.  I’ve been a naturopathic practitioner for 25 years, running a busy IBS, digestive health and gut disorders clinic in Nottingham.Who should get in touch with you? Who can you help as far as health and nutrition goes?

I can help anyone that has IBS, persistent bloating, trapped painful gases, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, weight problems, skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. I can also help with fatigue issues and depression as such symptoms can be related to a ‘toxic’ gut and once the digestive system and gut are cleansed, healed and repaired, energy and depression improves.

What’s your top  5 tips? for a healthy gut?)

  • Ditch the junk food. Eat food as natural and as close to nature as possible.
  • Eat at regular mealtimes, and just three meals a day. None of this 5 or 6 meals a day that overchallenges the digestive system.  The digestive system needs periods of rest so it can recover.
  • Cut back on the high sugar foods and drinks.  Sugar is the enemy of your ‘friendly’ gut bacteria and will kill them off in their billions, leading to digestive and gut problems.
  • Chew your food properly. Digestion begins in the mouth with proper chewing technique – at least 20 x each mouthful.  Food should be like a soft paste before swallowed.
  • Don’t eat when you feel angry, stressed or emotional.  The digestive system shuts down, with no stomach acid or enzymes being produced. This can slow down digestion leading to painful trapped gas, bloating and constipation.

What would you recommends for sufferers?

It all depends upon symptoms.  We are all unique, even though many of us share similar symptoms, so tailoring treatments and supplements is important.
If someone has chronic IBS I would most certainly recommend that they have colon hydrotherapy treatments and take the supplements in my Perfect Balance Kit for a month.  The supplements in this Kit (Live Bacteria probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Garlic and Omega 3 fish oil) have been formulated by me to help cleanse, heal and repair a poorly functioning digestive system and gut.
I would also direct sufferers to my Tummy Talk Facebook community page where I and many of my complementary therapy colleagues, specializing in IBS, digestive and gut health can help, with all advice completely free:

What’s your one ultimate piece of advice when it comes to taking care of your body and gut?

My advice would be to seek help.  Don’t be embarrassed, ashamed or frightened. Many people suffer for years with poor body image, loss of confidence, social anxiety, social exclusion and depression due to their badly behaving bellies, and being afraid, embarrassed or ashamed to seek help.

What’s your advice for anyone considering giving this range of a try?

My BEST SELLER Just For Tummies Live Bacteria probiotic is a MUST. It is the number ONE most important supplement above any other.  If you have a digestive or gut issue, you won’t be digesting food properly and you won’t be efficiently absorbing nutrients from your food.  It’s pointless eating healthy food if you have a damaged, inflamed digestive system and gut. It’s pointless taking vitamins, minerals and taking other supplements until you fix your gut, and I’m talking about ‘sealing’ it with Live Bacteria probiotics so no toxins can leak out into the blood stream.

ANYONE that has an issue with their digestive system or gut has a deficiency in their friendly gut bacteria and need to put this back in the form of a capsule that contains the pure bacteria.  One twice daily before meals.  Of course people are always welcome to email or and either myself or one of my nutritional advisors will help direct people to the correct product for their symptoms.

How can people book you?
They can call my clinic on 0115 9676699 or contact me on:

They can find the whole range of Just For Tummies products at:

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