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How to get The Glow – Laura Law Beauty Therapist

I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk all thing skin with the fab beauty therapist Laura Law… For anyone that wants tips from a pro read on, there’s not much she doesn’t know and her facials are completely addictive, trust me!!

What you do?
I am a freelance beauty therapist and blogger.
After years of working in a very busy local salon, I decided that I wanted the freedom to work for myself, focusing on the treatments that I enjoy the most and working with products that I am passionate about. I also enjoy writing and decided that the perfect way to combine my interests was within the pages of a beauty blog.

My job is quite varied and I enjoy the diversity of clients, treatments and locations of my work. I can be doing anything from writing and reviewing the latest products and treatments for my blog, to giving private client’s treatments and painting Nail Art at events through Shoreditch Nails.

What’s the most popular treatment you do?
I offer a range of treatments, but I would say that the most popular is my Signature Facial which I designed myself. It is an indulgent 1 hour 30 minute holistic yet results driven treatment tailored to the client’s skincare needs. I focus on toning using deep massage movements, detoxification and lymphatic drainage with an Indian Kansa Wand and rejuvenation using LED light therapy, alongside a cocktail of luxury products.

Your top 5 products and why?
This is difficult as there are so many fantastic products out there. But here are a few that I always replace when I run out..

Vitage Revitalising Daily Cleanse £24 200ml – The best facial wash I have ever used. A creamy gel that lathers up into a light foam, removing all traces of make up (including eyes) gently and effectively without stripping the skin of its natural oils. I love this cleanser and keep one in each bathroom in my house. It lasts ages and my skin feels super clean after using it. I also like the fact that it can be used by all skin types.

Medik 8 C -Tetra Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant Serum £36 30ml – Our body doesn’t naturally produce Vitamin C, so it is essential that we take internally in tablet form and topically in our skincare. A powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin C protects our skin from damage caused by free radicals, maintains collagen and elastin and diminishes pigmentation caused by sun damage. This light serum provides instant luminosity and smells delicious!

Elizabeth Arden PRO Invigorating Face & Body Scrub £30 120ml – This powerful scrub really packs a punch. A combination of potent anti-oxidants, lactic acid and tiny granules deeply exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and increasing circulation. Skin feels so smooth and my make-up always looks fresher when I have used this.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme – Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation £35 – I was recommended this foundation by the lovely girls at Space NK in the run up to my wedding. I wanted something that was long lasting, gave great coverage and made my skin glow without looking too heavy. This wonder product does all of those things. I like it so much, that when I’m running low, I cut the tube and scoop the remnants out to be sure not to waste any!

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF 30 £49 30ml – I always apply an SPF even if I’m having a PJ day. It has literally become a habit for me now; and a very good one at that. This multitasking SPF lotion protects skin with powerful anti-oxidants, stem cell active complex and contains a tint.

What’s the top 3 products you’d suggest to someone with problem skin?
Everyone’s skin is completely different and products that work great for one person, may not for someone else. Its simply a case of trialing different things until you find a solution that works for you. Here are some of the products that have worked well for me and my clients:

Vitage Revitalizing Daily Cleanse £24 200ml – Again, I cant recommend this highly enough. Many people with oily/problematic skin feel they need a cleanser that will leave skin ‘squeaky clean.’ This is actually counter productive, as cleansers that leave skin feeling dry and tight upset the skin’s natural PH barrier.
Stripping the skin through cleansing with harsh detergents, can cause the skin to produce excessive oil, resulting in more spots.

Medik 8 Beta Gel £33 15ml – This on the spot treatment contains a potent combination of spot-fighting actives designed to penetrate deeply into the skin, de-clogging pores, soothing inflammation and preventing further breakouts. The light, cooling gel can be applied directly to individual blemishes or problem areas morning/and or night. Blemishes heal within a matter of days and I have even heard reports of previous scars diminishing following regular use.

PIXI Glow Mud Mask £18 30ml – This gorgeous clay mask contains rich minerals and purifying ingredients Kaolin and sea salt to detoxify, comfort and brighten the complexion. After 15 minutes; skin is calm, mattified and pores appear smaller and more refined. I use this mask on problematic/oily skins or anyone in need of a brightening boost.

What are the benefits of having regular facials?

I always say that a facial is a ‘workout for the skin.’ Just like the body, our faces are structured by a complex muscular system and if we don’t exercise and tone those muscles, they loose density and become slack; resulting in a lack of definition and firmness in the skin.
During my Signature Facial, I focus on easing tension through deep massage movements to relieve stress and lift facial contours. Massage in turn boosts circulation, sending nutrients to the skin, increasing cell turnover and giving the complexion a natural healthy glow.

Committing to a monthly facial will keep pores fresh and clean, minimize breakouts and literally feed the skin with all of those lovely nuturing products.

Whats your top tip for healthy glowing skin?

I have many, but the easiest and cheapest way to glowing skin is to drink plenty of water. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day will hydrate and replenish skin tissue, delivering essential nutrients to cells and flushing the body of nasty toxins.
I add fresh lemon, lime and cucumber to my water to make it a bit more interesting.

How can people book you?

The easiest way to contact me or book me for a treatment is through the Contact section on my website/blog Or via my Instagram @lauralawbeauty