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The Fine Cheese Company – Belgravia London

The Fine Cheese Company.

17 Motcomb St, Belgravia, London SW1X 8LB


The cheeses below will absolutely get you started and offer a nice balanced cheese board. If you’re an avid cheese eater like me however then head into store and sample the lot. They’re more than happy to help. I lost over an hour in there!

The Fine Cheese Company’s very own Motcomb Goat’s cheese made by Pete Humphries of White Lake cheeses down in Somerset. Smooth, rich, creamy and completely addictive.

Truffle Brie – Made in-house using a raw milk French Brie cut in half and layered with pure fresh Brillat Savarin cheese mixed with summer truffle

Colston bassett Stilton – A classic for any occasion. An intensely rich and creamy cheese. Its flavour is deep, lingering and complex. A slightly sweet blue cheese with a mineral tang. A full, well-balanced flavour.

Affineur Walo Red Wine Farmer – A very popular cheese in store. Washed in local red wine, it has a full-throttle flavour. Recognisably Swiss, with a sweet, creamy back note and silky-smooth texture. Its rich and powerful taste grows in your mouth.

Quadrello – From Lombardi, Italy. It has similarities with Taleggio but the difference lies in the great quality Buffalo milk. Small amounts of blue/grey ‘flower’ develop on the rind during the 12-week maturation time in traditional open-stoned caves which can give the cheese an interesting mineral flavour that adds to the complexity.

DON’T leave without picking up a pack of the incredible and beautifully packaged crackers plus a jar of their chutney. They really do have all bases covered. Trust these guys, they absolutely know what they’re doing.