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The Cruise ship of all cruise ships…

As somebody that is a keen traveller and loves to endlessly explore (there can never be enough travel) I am excited that this summer I will experience my first cruise. Never before have I stepped foot on a cruise ship and neither has my husband. I initially thought this might be an age thing (I’m still closer to thirty than forty!) but having looked into this further, it’s clear my preconceived conceptions were wrong. The cruise industry has seriously upped its game recently and taking a cruise around the Mediterranean or Caribbean is a vacation well spent…and luxuriously well spent too!

I’ve teamed up with Celebrity Cruises who are launching what looks to be their most impressive cruise ship to date, that this winter will celebrate incredible design, world class food and five star accommodation. ‘Edge’ will takes her maiden voyage this December and until then we’ll just have to ponder on the below…prepared to be wowed!

Celebrity are working with the likes of renowned interior designers Kelly Hoppen and Patricia Urquiola to create unique living and dining experiences. Think a floating restaurant sixteen stories high. 29 unique restaurants that champion local cuisines and produce depending where you are in the world. All individually designed to impress but also to create a more intimate and curated dining experience while catering for all aboard. The chefs heading up the food offering are chefs at the very top of their game and with a bounty of Michelin starred experience under their belts. Cornelius Gallagher, Associate Vice President of food and beverage for Celebrity Cruises leads a 600 plus strong team of chefs that share his passion for great produce and consistently great food. From the sandwich deli through to the raw bar, he’s confident the standard won’t waver.

It’s hard to know exactly where to start; the sheer vastness of the project is almost beyond comprehension when you delve into the facts and figures. The crew alone reaches over 1300, passengers, in which it can accommodate onboard is 2,918 with 14 passenger decks and 29 restaurants! How does one person get round all 29 restaurants in just 5-14 days? It’s clear there’ll need to be some tough decisions made by those on board.

Below I’ve shared what will no doubt set this project apart from anything else out there!

Accommodation –

The accommodation aboard connects passengers more intimately than ever with their surroundings. Think infinite balconies, vistas for as far as the eye can see where you can view sunsets and sunrises with no obstacles within an incredible 918 infinite Veranda Staterooms. This is in itself I’m told a huge number of luxury rooms on board. Celebrity were keen to ramp up their premium offering for guests.

Next on the list; the Sky Suite.  Immaculately presented with ocean views, again direct from your bed! For those wanting even more space there’s the two Penthouse suites that come with dual walk-through showers and bath tubs on the verandas as well as a personal butler to boot! There’s also access to the private retreat restaurants, pools, sundecks and lounges.

If this doesn’t sound fancy enough then there’s two ‘Iconic suites’ that are a sprawling 2,500 sq. ft. Situated to ensure the very best ocean views and with a veranda over 700 sq.ft, they are the ultimate lap of luxury. Design is minimalist, paired back and entirely sympathetic to the surroundings.

Finally the ultimate in luxurious design, there’s six Edge villas. This does I have to say feel almost (again) beyond comprehension! Dual level, glass fronted villas with private plunge pools and terraces that make this entirely private and indulgent experience as premium as it gets and moreover hard to believe you’re even on a cruise ship!

The sheer scale of this project is mind blowing, the renders that make this come to life depict the most decadently considered space that feels a world away from the stereotypical notion of small compact cabins and central dining halls with that all important Captain’s Table! This is refined, designed and considered five star holidaying, where each day brings a new experience or restaurant to eat in, bar to drink at or area to relax in.  That’s without mentioning a new destination to disembark and explore every day when the ship docks. Edge is leading the way for the future of all cruise ship’s to follow with design and food at the forefront of it’s priorities.

Returning to the food offering, the real show stopper so I’m told is the Magic Carpet. A cantilevered platform that sits out over the ocean offering open-air and panoramic enhanced views with added wow factor. The unique and intimate dining and bar experience is changeable depending on which floor of the restaurant the Magic Carpet stops at. There’s also the impressive rooftop garden with rooftop grill for al fresco dining.

Food, finesse, variety and quality experiences will be at the forefront of the project which aims to rival high-end resorts. Everything you could want and more has been thought of. We were lucky enough to sample some of the menus on offer on a recent visit to New York and there’s something for everyone. Restaurants include; the Tuscan, a southern Italian restaurant where homemade pastas will be made daily; The Normandie, a Parisian inspired restaurant offering freshly baked bread. French haute cuisine. There’s the Cosmopolitan restaurant where you enter through an impressive wine cellar as well as Cyprus, a pan Mediterranean restaurant where modern touches are added to classic Mediterranean dishes. The list goes on: Blu is the exclusive restaurant for upper class guests where quality produce takes centre stage. Luminae has a focus on ocean views that are elegant and elevated for the suite class guests. There’s Raw on 5, a raw and refined eatery where hand rolled sushi and bright, light and explosive flavours are celebrated. All of these restaurants aim to give the guest a unique and authentic experience as well as a sense of theatre. Dishes are all cooked from scratch and freshly made daily.

This is an exciting time and a huge step forward for multi destination holidaying. The carefully curated experiences on both ship and shore add extra value to the company’s ethos around luxury experience and I can’t wait to see it all for myself this winter. I think I might already be converted!

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