Having been awarded two Michelin stars, this restaurant is a must when visiting Malmö. Serving staff, chefs and sommelier make this an exceptional experience that you won’t want to end. It’s intimate, original, passionate and innovative approach to the cuisine it serves is exciting, every course is intriguing and completely delicious. Service is of course formal and on point but friendly and relaxed in the same breath. We’re taken through course after course with incredible wine pairings that rouses a similar intrigue to the food. It’s absolutely apparent you’re dining somewhere special here.


Malmö Saluhall

For those that like plenty of options or to graze while they wander, the newly refurbished goods warehouse; Saluhall is home to a very select group of retailers. From incredible butchers and fishmongers to a pizzeria (Hedvigsdal pizzas are a must try), ice cream, cheeses, burgers, bakers… you name it, they’ve got it. Very much Swedish in its beautiful design and sympathetic to the buildings origins, this is a place you could lose hours in. There’s plenty of seating areas and more formal restaurants within the space.  Whether doing the weekly shop or popping in for a lunch or dinner, Saluhall has it all tastefully covered.


Köksbordet/Hörte Brygga


With a vision for zero food waste and a passion for locally grown produce Hörte Brygga is not your traditional restaurant. Its setting is moments from the coast and come the summer months they serve over four hundred customers a day. By winter when the temperature drops they offer a much more intimate and refined approach to dining. Seasonal tasting menus which change daily and cater for up to twelve guests an evening mean that you can really experience something totally unique and entirely special. Run by a husband and wife team this restaurant absolutely needs to be on your list whichever time of year you visit.


Ängavallen Farm & Hotel

An inspiring place where ecology and gastronomy go hand in hand. This family run guesthouse and farm not only offer a retreat from city life, but offer an insight into farming, animal welfare and living off the land. The restaurant here is exceptional with most of the produce grown or reared on the surrounding land. A passion for and agricultural responsibility is at the forefront of this working farm.


Erikstorps Kungsgård

With a obsession for traditional Skanian cuisine, this restaurant manages to create a menu that stays true to the region’s most loved dishes whilst also focuses on sustainable produce.

Warm and informal, this restaurant also serves up packed lunches using its leftovers for those on a tighter budget. Sunday brunching is a big thing here and the DIY buffet really pulls in the crowds.


Nyrups Naturhotell

Anna Barnett

For those wanting to really connect with the outdoors and get hands on with local produce; this is the place to do it. Navigate your way into the woods, where if like us, you’ll eventually find your camp for the weekend. Dinner is cooked on open fires and we’re taught how to make fire pits to wrap, bury and bake fish. You’ll be completely seduced by Sweden’s answer to glamping.


Hällåkra Vingård


Here, a husband and wife team open their home and vineyards for enthusiasts to visit. Being the most northerly positioned vineyards in the world makes for an interesting story and unique tasting wine. The family estate, owned for five generations relies on the microclimate provided by the proximity to the Baltic sea. This too is a beautiful spot to visit, set in gentle, rolling hills where you can sample both the wine and local cuisine.


For those wanting to tap into the rich cultural history there’s city guides available matkaravan.se

For more information on Malmö and Skåne visit- malmotown.com and visitskane.com/en