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Prepare ingredients as per instructions in the ingredients list, thoroughly combine and ensure that everything is chopped up as finely as possible. You don’t want to end up with a mouthful of just garlic or ginger and want to make sure that each wonton or teaspoon of mixture contains all the flavours.
Boil a large pan of water (make sure your steamer sits snugly over the pan so no steam escapes) We used a bamboo steamer but a regular metal one works just as well.
Take your ready made wonton papers and add teaspoon of whichever filling you want to the centre, then with a pastry brush or your fingers take the whisked egg and apply a light coat around all edges of the wonton paper, next bring all corners to the centre and make sure you don’t leave any gaps to the filling. Once your waters boiling place the wonton into the steamer, (not allowing them to touch) and steam for 4-5 minutes (allow 5 for meat) ensure that no steam is escaping when steaming. If you like your wontons crispy you can also shallow fry in a centimetre of oil for 3-4 minutes or lightly brush with oil or egg wash and grill for 4-5 minutes on a medium heat. Steaming is definitely my preference though.