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Begin by blitzing all dipping sauce ingredients until smooth. Check seasoning and adjust to your preference. Set to one side. 

Prepare all additional ingredients as noted above and place in small bowls or on one large platter. 

When serving the summer rolls, take two rice papers wraps, dip in water then lay on a flat surface next to each other sideways but with a third of the paper overlapping the other. The result should look like a sideways number 8. Next place a small amount of whichever ingredients onto the top centre area of the wraps ensuring the ingredients are layered up on top of each other then neatly fold over the sides completely covering the filling. Next tightly roll from top to bottom, stopping halfway to add several chives, coriander and Thai basil (or whatever herbs selection you prefer) then continue to tightly roll. If making a large batch refrigerate until ready to serve. These are however best eaten immediately.