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Begin by making the labneh by first stirring through the salt through the yoghurt then transferring the mixture to a muslin cloth set over a sieve. Tie up the muslin and allow to strain for around an hour. Once thick add in the pumpkin puree and seasoning.

Preheat your oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Slice up the pumpkins, drizzle with oil and seasoning then roast until they begin to crisp up for around 25-30 minutes.

Prepare the golden beets, persimmon and set to one side until ready to plate up.

Heat a large pan and add a generous knob of butter. Once sizzling add in the mushrooms and fry until crisp. Drain on paper towel and keep warm until ready to serve.

Lightly toast the hazelnuts then transfer to a container with a lid and shake to remove the hazelnut skin. Next roughly chop and combine with butter in a pan over a low to medium heat simmering for 4-5 minutes. Keep warm until ready to serve.

For the Dukkah mix, begin by rubbing your almonds in a tea towel to remove any skin then roast on a baking tray until golden for around 3 minutes on 180 degrees Celsius. Transfer to a food processor and blitz until roughly chopped. In a dry frying pan, lightly toast your sesame seeds and add these to the chopped almonds. Next add in the cumin and coriander seeds to the frying pan, lightly toasting until they begin to pop. Grind in a pestle and mortar and then add to the almonds and sesame seeds.

Plate up all ingredients. Start with the pumpkin labneh as the base, then build all other ingredients up on top of this, working to create a circle in the centre of the plate. Serve the pumpkin, mushrooms and hazelnut butter warm and everything else at room temperature.

Finish with a little orange zest and black pepper.