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Passatelli –

Start by making the passatelli. I used wholemeal bread but you’ll get a nicer looking passatelli if you use just plain white bread (plus it’s more traditional). NOTE – you need to make sure your breadcrumbs are as stale/dry as possible, no soggy bready should be used here. You can place the bread in the oven for 2-4 minutes if you need to dry the bread out a little more.

Blitz the bread so you have fine and even crumbs, finely grate the Parmesan, mix in the grated nutmeg, seasoning and lemon zest, thoroughly combine and set to one side.

In a mixing bowl add the 4 eggs, whisk then gradually stir in the breadcrumbs and Parmesan, this should all start to come together pretty easily. Using your hands kneed it slightly until you have a pretty solid and dry ball. Wrap in cling film and leave to rest for 30 minutes, leave out in a cool place rather than keeping in the fridge.

After half an hour, you’re ready to get going. If you happen to have a Passatelli maker then use that, it’s pretty much a version of a ricer but with wider holes (A potato ricer won’t really cut it – I tried, so I freestyled a bit here…)

I rolled it out in long thinish tubes (like you would for gnocchi) then sliced it into half centimeter pieces. Traditionally you would add to salted boiling water for a minute or so or until they float, which you can do but I found that lightly frying each side made for a more tasty option. You can boil, dry, then fry too which is more traditional and just totally dependent on what you fancy.


For the chorizo and tomato sauce, add the chorizo and oil to a pan and allow to cook on a medium heat until the chorizo turns crispy then turn down the temperature and add the garlic and tomatoes. Allow to cook on low until the passatelli is cooked and ready to serve. Prepare the parsley to garnish and serve. When serving transfer the passatelli to the chorizo oil and tomatoes, ensuring the sauce evenly coats the pasta and then serve.