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Place the chopped onion, a quarter of the chopped leeks and chicken carcass in a large pan. Pour over two pints of stock and add in the cloves and bay leaves and allow to cook over a medium to high heat for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Remove the chicken carcass (carefully it’s going to be hot) and pull off any meat that’s not gristly and put into a new pan. Strain the stock to avoid any nasty bits of the carcass getting into it and then spoon in the leeks and bay leaves. Next check for seasoning and add where needed, white pepper is a great addition. Bring the soup back up to boiling and add in the shredded cabbage, the rest of the leeks and peas and turn the heat down. Allow to cook in the stock for a couple of minutes over a medium to low heat.

Make sure you have your Manchego grated, your parsley chopped and simply sprinkle over when serving.