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Begin by preparing all ingredients.

Combine the ingredients for the Marie Rose and taste and adjust seasoning to your preference. Set to one side.

Take a pestle and mortar and muddle both the lime and salt until you have a vibrant lime green salt.

Slice the gem lettuce and heat a griddle pan until almost smoking hot. Add a little oil over the gem lettuce then place on the griddle for a minute or so until the leaves char. Remove and set to one side.

Next drizzle the prawns with oil, add a little seasoning and then place them on the hot griddle for about a minute on each side or until the prawns are not longer transparent.

Place the flour tortillas in a muffin tray or tart case so that the edges on each sit upwards. Next place in the oven for 5-7 minutes or until the tortillas are crisp and able to hold their shape.

Plate up by first adding several dollops of Marie Rose sauce into the tortilla followed by the avocado, cucumber then the charred baby gem. Dot around several more small teaspoons of Marie Rose sauce and arrange the prawns on top of them. Garnish with spring onions, dill, coriander, a squeeze of lime, a pinch of lime salt and serve.