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Make 42 mini spinach balls as follows:

Cook the spinach in slightly salted water for 2 minutes.

Drain and let cool.

Squeeze out all the water.

Cut the spinach coarsely with a knife (in order to create a well rounded finished spinach ball).

In a bowl place the chopped spinach, garlic, eggs, nutmeg and mix well, add in the Parmesan then half the breadcrumbs; season with salt and pepper. Roll and fry one ball. Taste and check consistency. Add a little more breadcrumbs or seasoning if needed.  Fry until golden.


Cook the pasta to al dente in salted water – this may take from 10 to 15 minutes –  drain and keep warm.

While the pasta is cooking heat the butter in a pan, add the garlic and chillies.

Then add the grated courgettes and pan fry for about a minute or two.

Add the cooked pasta into the pan and toss with the grated cheese.

Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Serve in a pasta bowl with spinach balls sprinkled over the top.